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TreeFrog LLC is a cannabis-extraction and product-manufacturing team whose founders have been operators in the industry for many years. As a TreeFrog client you will be working directly with the creators, designers, and operators behind marQaha, an award winning cannabis brand with a presence in several regulated states throughout the US.  They have licensed their brand of high-quality medicinal and recreational products in Colorado, Nevada, Illinois, and Oregon with Arizona coming soon. Their product licensees include some of the largest dispensary and cultivation companies in the nation including multi-acre outdoor operations, with the largest having indoor operations exceeding 180,000 sf. The marQaha brand has a reputation for all-natural ingredients, a CO2-extraction focus, quality, purity, consistency, and an impeccable recall-free history since 2010.

It all starts with the garden.
We help our clients determine the most efficient means of cultivation for their business. By applying our industry experience with the the best
industrial cultivation consultants on the planet, we facilitate the
relationships that tie into the overall business plan.
Secure and protect your Garden, dispensary, extraction and production areas

Bring in the best to design and facilitate all aspects of security from camera and bio cards to deeply researched security protocols

We provide armed protection, professional compliance and investigative services, and secure transportation services to individuals, businesses and government entities who need to protect their licenses and business investments or who require professional protection services for their employees, clients and physical assets. Our professional team is comprised primarily of former military and law enforcement personnel with decades of experience in protection, investigations, logistics and tactical industries.


The extraction side of cannabis product manufacturing is a vital first link in the production chain. TreeFrog’s Verified Extraction Consultants (“VEC”) assist with the design and development of extraction lab facilities and train personnel to ensure the highest quality extracts will meet standards for excellence and purity. TreeFrog offers direct experience in implementing and successfully deploying technology, procedures and training in multiple highly regulated medical marijuana markets. Extraction techniques, include but are not limited to C02, steam, hydrocarbon (butane as an example), ethanol extraction and recovery, solventless and molecular distillation. TreeFrog’s VECs have additional experience including: natural product chemistry, drug delivery systems, established commercial medical marijuana cultivators and direct experience in medical marijuana extraction utilizing various approved solvents in multiple states under varying regulations and parameters.

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