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The TreeFrog team are leading industry experts for cannabis processing-license applications.  This team has assisted applicants in some of the most highly-competitive states in the country, helping clients to win coveted processing licenses in Nevada, Maryland, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, Arkansas and Missouri. Certain of these states, (such as Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Ohio), had extremely competitive application processes with the field of applicants far outnumbering available licenses by the many hundreds. TreeFrog clients were among the top scores in each of these competitive states.TreeFrog can provide guidance with your team's strategy and deliver technical content developed through years of operational experience as a cannabis-product manufacturer, then refined and expanded through application submittals in a wide range of states.  We also have developed a comprehensive operational plan which our clients have included as an integral component of their application submission.  Our content most often includes the representation that TreeFrog's experts will be heavily involved in the applicant's deployment to operational readiness.  And when our client's successfully win a license we are here to do just that! Be sure to read about our "Deployment Services".

Members of TreeFrog, and our partners and affiliates, have significant direct industry experience. 


  • Cannabis Industry Experience with good manufacturing practices and HACCP 

  • Cannabis Industry Experience with extraction techniques

  • Cannabis Industry Experience with analytical laboratory methods

  • Cannabis Industry Experience with analytical laboratory quality control, including maintaining a chain of custody

  • Knowledge of and experience with cannabis extraction techniques

  • Knowledge of cannabis routes of administration (forms of consumption)

  • Experience with development of comprehensive cannabis product recall plans

  • Experience with state and local compliance in all areas of the cannabis industry

  • Knowledge of and experience with growing, processing, manufacturing, packaging, transporting and selling cannabis products 

  • Experience compiling state cannabis applications for various states throughout the country

  • Project management experience 

  • Design and reporting experience

  • Financial reporting experience

DEPLOYMENT (Hemp and Cannabis)

The cannabis arena is one of the most highly-regulated and highly-scrutinized industries in the world.  In particular the extraction and production segment brings the unique set of challenges associated with complex phytopharmaceutical products that are subject to strict qualitative and quantitative  assessment.  TreeFrog has assisted groups in a number of states during the challenging start-up phase to achieve timely and compliant operational readiness.  We have deployed our technologies in support of operations in Colorado, Nevada, Illinois and Pennsylvania to assist clients during the start-up phase.  The following is a summary of TreeFrog's Standardized Deployment process.

  • Initial Project Evaluation

  • Start-up Deployment Timeline 

  • Organization Structure Strategic Planning

  • Facility Planning & Design

  • Equipment Selection and Layout

  • Initial Plan of Operations

  • Standard Operating Procedures

  • Core Products


  • Bill of Materials and Batch Manufacturing Record

  • Packaging and Labeling Compliance

  • Forecasting models

  • Access to Licensed Cannabis Manufacturing Facility

  • Third-Party Vendor Vetting and Introductions

  • Key Employee Vetting and Hiring Assistance

  • Sales and Marketing Strategy Consulting

  • Patient and Customer Education

  • Compliance and General Consulting



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