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Graphic Design


We offer professional compilation of your cannabis license application, including infographics and required packaging examples. We can develop your cannabis brand, collateral, websites and packaging to conform to strict state regulations.



Visioning Exercise - Brand Tone & Voice
Identity and Logo Design
Packaging Design
Print Collateral
Website Design
Environmental Design
Brand Guidelines

For new businesses, we recommend going through our Visioning Exercise which will enable you to develop clear objectives, identify priorities, and define critical action steps needed for the development of your identity and brand. The Visioning Session consists of two consecutive meetings where we will guide you through a planning process for building a smart, collaborative programmatic plan. This will be customized to your company’s needs to help shape the direction of your business, and will get everyone in your group on the same page working toward the same objectives.


Once the Visioning Exercise is complete we will move into the design phase and can provide any of the aforementioned graphic design services for you. We will work to create a compelling design for your brand and a logo that speaks to the company’s mission and business intent. Following brand development, we can then design out print collateral, websites and environmental graphics.



We create the required architectural layouts for state applications. Once licensed, we can provide design and permitting of marijuana and hemp processing facilities and dispensaries around the country.



Application Layouts

Permit Set Deliverables -


Deliverables include design of architecture, interior, structural, mechanical, electrical/lighting, and plumbing to meet 2015 IBC and adopted City building codes. We will provide and coordinate all above-mentioned design and documentation.

Our licensed partners will be the stamping entities (with reciprocity around the United States), including said drawings and information within their permit/pricing and issue-for-construction document sets.

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