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TreeFrog is a team of experienced professionals who specialize in infused-product extraction, processing and consumer-product manufacturing. They have combined their unique individual expertise to offer comprehensive solutions to the cannabis industry through application support, technology deployment, facility design, and branding, as well as general consulting in the areas of compliance, marketing and accounting/tax.


The TreeFrog Story

Skip Meador and Jill Magee are the two passionate cannabis entrepreneurs behind TreeFrog.  In 2010 Skip founded marQaha, an infused-product manufacturing company (part of the IP company plantrica ) that began serving the emerging medical market in Colorado.  The brand is one of the most highly respected in the industry for quality and consistency and they  have won numerous industry-awards for their medically-focused formulations, delivery methods and efficacy:  1st place Sublingual formulation / 2nd place liquid gastrointestinal product / 3nd place liquid gastrointestinal product /  2nd place natural whole-plant formulation /  3rd place natural whole-plant formulation /  2nd place CBD formulation / 2nd place liquid gastrointestinal product / 1st place Best overall product suite (multiple products reviewed) in a western state /  1st Place best transdermal topical formulation / 2nd Place CBD formulation.  They have since created a line of products to serve the recreational market as well.  

In 2012, Skip expanded the scale of the operations to include licensing their brand and technologies to operators in other regulated states.  In connection with this initial expansion they assisted their strategic partners in Nevada with the rigorous application process at both the state and local level. The group was successful in winning a manufacturing license (along with cultivation and two dispensaries), and Skip launched the marQaha brand into the Nevada market!  Word of this success traveled quickly in the cannabis-industry network and they were soon sought after to assist other applicants through the state licensing phase.

Skip and Jill formed TreeFrog LLC in 2015 to expand their business strategy into consulting.  Tim McDowell and Joe Calderone rounded out the initial founding team in support of production standards and governmental affairs, respectively.  As of 2021 the firm is solely lead and managed by the two original founders, Skip Meador and Jill Magee.

TreeFrog has assisted applicants all over the country in their quest to enter into the dynamic and challenging world of cannabis product manufacturing. They have written the technical content for winning applications in a number of states including Colorado, Nevada, New York, Oregon, Hawaii, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Maryland, and Ohio and are familiar with the strict regulatory requirements and strategies for success. Certain of these states, (such as Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Ohio), had extremely competitive application processes with the field of applicants far outnumbering available licenses by the many hundreds. Competing against the strongest collection of applicants, their clients were among the top scores in each of these competitive states, with the expert guidance and professional content provided by TreeFrog.


The cannabis arena is among the most heavily-regulated and scrutinized industries in which to launch an enterprise.   For this reason certain of these aforementioned groups have gone on to engage with TreeFrog to assist in the Deployment Phase in order to quickly achieve operational readiness.  TreeFrog has assisted (or are assisting) clients in Colorado, Nevada, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Michigan and Ohio to set up their extraction and product manufacturing facilities. We bring to each organization the methods, best-practices, production technologies, facility design,  standard operating procedures (SOPs), inventory tracking and control techniques, training programs, equipment and ingredient supply chain relationships, branding experience, marketing and sales programs, and other experience gained through years of operating in the industry. They understand how to train a production team and deploy their technologies quickly, consistently, efficiently, profitably and compliantly.  


The team at TreeFrog is eager to assist you with the launch of your cannabis enterprise.  We look forward to hearing from you and learning about your project.

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